Our Specilizations

The Robotics and Automation Club of National Institute of Technology,Rourkela


The world of electronics brings out the scientist in you. It lets you explore the electronic components and electrical circuits. Innovations, creations and imaginations are given a shape. This department fills you with practical knowledge and lets youur dream of controlling the robots come true !

Image Processing

The best technique robots can learn, that's the technique of visualisation and interpreting informations from the sights. Emulating a human eye in it's literal sense, our cyborgians are in full throttle to map their environment and make the machines do as they wish!


With a package that applies the principles of physics, engineering, material science, and knowledge of core concepts, this department helps you design your own machines and play with it. Automatic machines can help lessen your loads and save your time, what else do you want?


If you are passionate towards robotics then you might not be ignorant of the fact that the stilted brains of the bots are fabricated mostly through coding. Accuracy and precision of coding are the parameters which decide the efficacy of any technical innovation. This department of cyborg has been providing its chief contribution in making every project successful.


Get to go fascinating! Let others know you through your creativity. This mirror of cyborg reflects its detailed manoeuvre. Animated graphics, typography styles, background and music has turned out to be the face of internet. And we, being the advanced techies have got our hands onto it!


Acquire skill in handling circumstances in life. Management cell coordinates the effort of people by achieving objectives with the efficient use of available resources. A well-planned, organised and controlled situation is the best example of management that leads to its smooth and effective running.

Deep Learning

The deep in deep learning isn’t a reference to any kind of deeper understanding achieved by the approach; rather, it stands for this idea of successive layers of representations. Its simplicity, scalability, versality and reusability is potent enough to revolutionize the AI world .So, put an order to your disarray ideas and be a part of this revolutionising channel and commence implementing deep learning with your deep arrayed imaginations.


Get to know cyborg at a glance! This redolent department acts as a link between all the other departments and is responsible for setting the overall tone of cyborg. The content writers bring you an analysed and efficient report of the working procedures. Apart from creativity, this field enhances your technical write-ups and verbal skills. It lets your thoughts put on the page!