Cyborg, a technical club under the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela focusses entirely on Robotics and Automation. It works under the collaboration of four basic realms - Mechanics, Electronics, Programming and Image Processing. It has a number of intriguing projects flourishing under it. It also conducts classes and workshops. It has been a proud contender of top ranks in a number of fests and competitions. Inquisitive talents of this institute have been getting the opportunity of stepping into our forum where we nurture and display the store of our white and grey matter , BECAUSE WE DESIGN INTELLIGENCE

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Faculty Advisor

Ayas Kanta Swain

+91 94373 41298


Pritish Kumar Pradhan

+91 80181 84274


Uditanshu Satpathy

+91 94375 99300


Subhajit Mitra

+91 70630 93139

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