Help and FAQs

How To Create an account or login

  • Click on the Sign in button.
  • You will be redirected to Login Page.
  • If you dont have an account click the "Sign-up" link at the bottom.
  • Fill the following details correctly.
    • Full name
    • Contact No.
    • Gender
    • Year
    • Email Id (WebMail only)
    • Password
  • Click the Sign up button.
  • Your account will be approved within a day by the administrator.
  • To login, open the sign in tab and enter the Email ID and password that you entered earlier.
  • Click the login button to gain access to your account
  • After your first login, update your following details in your profile page.
    • Upload your photo
    • Skills like C,C++,Arduino, HTML etc.(For multiples use comma)
    • Specialisation like Coding, Electronics, Mechanical, Web Development etc.(For multiples use comma)
    • Hostel Address


Cyborg organises several events throughout the year. Detailed information is available in the Events Tab.

  • Tread-o-Quest
  • Epreuve
  • Death Race
  • AquaSoccer


Members of Cyborg are involved in Multiple Projects such as the Quadcopter, Room automation, IGV(Intelligent Ground Vehicle) and many more. To upload a project:

  • Open the project tab.
  • To search for a particlular project enter the required keyboard into the text box and press earch.
  • To upload a project, click on the "Upload Now button".
  • Enter details such as Name, decricption, team members involved and their respective contribution, hardware components ,Software and tools required into the respective feilds.
  • Enter the required Captcha
  • Click the upload button to upload your projects

Tutorials Library

The tutorials library is an excellent collection of tutorials written by many members of our club. It contains tutorials for beginners to get familiar with an Arduino to easy to understand tutorials for complex topics on robotics.