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Robocon, a robotic contest, is organised by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) which includes around 20 countries of Asia-Pacific region. Participating teams fabricate their robots basing on the theme decided by the host country. All of it is the richness of high precision and accuracy in the field of programming, technical and mechanical designing skills. MIT group of institutions, Pune, India has been taking active participation in organising the events of Robocon India for past 9 years. The theme for Robocon India 2015 was Badminton playing by semi-automated bots. X-team of Cyborg, headed by Vamsi Krishna has been representing NITR for the last two years with the projects Armed robot and Badminton playing robot consecutively in the noetic national level Robocon at Pune. The host country for Robocon 2016 is Thailand with the theme “Clean Energy Recharging the World”.

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