Project Description 

As the name suggests, an environment friendly cart that runs on electrical energy without affecting the non-renewable resources. Its driven by a motor consuming 1.5kW that is powered by an Amaron Battery (12V, 35Ah). Aluminium sheets has been used for the base and front cover, alloy steel for the chasis and mild steel sheet (of 2mm thickness) for the body. The cart has been designed with all the advanced features in it including a monitor displaying the Seat-belt indicator, Obstacle detector, Reverse gear, Temperature sensor (Dht22) and Inertial Measurement Unit Indicator. To ensure safety, the driver is warned by a buzzer each time there is a vehicle within the proximity of 2m with an advantage of stopping the vehicle in case of emergency. The location of the vehicle is tracked and other data such as speed, temperature, etc are also monitored. Headed by the president, Team Thunderbolt’s this project has been thriving successfully!

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Cyborg Team

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